The “Service operations with ZET 7xxx” program provides an opportunity of operation in OPC server mode. When this mode is enabled, the program generates a tag tree based on the devices found in the measuring line and refreshes each tag value one every second. By default, the tag tree is generated using only the measured variable current value registries. If required, the program can be configured to read other registers from a digital sensor with subsequent writing to the relevant OPC server tag.

To save the configuration required for working with devices in the OPC server mode, proceed as follows:

  1. Check IDs of the interface converters which must run in this mode.

Выбор устройств для работы в режиме OPC-сервера

2. In the “Actions – Work with OPC” menu on the control panel, activate the “Save the OPC DA server configuration…” option.

Опция «Сохранить конфигурацию для OPC DA сервера…»3. In the “Save as” window displayed specify a name of the configuration file in the “File name” field, and press “Save” button (Figure 8.3). As a result, a configuration file “.zopc” will be created.

Окно «Сохранить как»4. Then, close the “Service operations with ZET7xxx” program window.

5. Launch the “ZET7xxx OPC Server” program by activating the “ZET7xxxOPCServer.exe” executive file in the directory C:ZETLab

Запуск программы «ZET7xxx OPC Server»6. After the launch, the program will automatically hide in the tray on the task panel. Right-click the “ZET7xxx OPC Server” program icon to call the context menu and then activate the “Configuration…” option.

Контекстное меню программы «ZET7xxx OPC Server»7. In the displayed “Open” window select the previously created configuration file and press the “Open” button.

Окно «Открыть»8. The program will generate the OPC tag tree and start reading the required registers from the sensors. The OPC server operation process will be indicated in the “ZET7xxx OPC Server” window.

Окно программы «ZET7xxx OPC Server»