Video-review: Delivery scope of strain gauge transducers by ZETLAB Company

This video contains a review of ZETSENSOR strain gauge modules delivery scope.

Basic delivery scope of digital strain gauge modules includes the following components:
• Measurement module;
• Mounting panel used for installation of the module on a DIN-rail;
• Set of operational documentation.

The kit for measurements performance also includes an interface converter (to be ordered separately), the measurement module, and the primary transducers (also to be ordered separately). It is possible to connect only one primary transducer to the measurement module (the primary transducer can be represented by load sensors, tensile-compression transducers, or the strain gauges). Now the question that has to be answered is how we can assemble the entire measurement system. You should not have any worries about that, since prior to shipment of the product our specialists connect all the constituent components into a single measuring line. Thus, the only thing to be done now is to install the system at the place of measurements performance, and to connect the system to PC. After that, you can actually start the measurements process.

In this particular system configuration, we have the following components:

  • interface converter ZET 7070 to be connected to the PC via USB;
  • USB cable to be used for connection of the interface converter to the PC;
  • CD with licensed ZETLAB Software (ZETLAB SENSOR software enables connection of up to 60 digital transducers).

You can find the diagrams of measuring circuits for the strain gauge cells on our website.