System for linear and angular displacement measurements

based on digital sensors of ZETSENSOR series

The linear and angular displacement measuring system ZETSENSOR-1

  • Measurement of linear and angular displacement by X, Y and Z axes
  • Monitoring and recording of ship’s motion parameters
  • Angle, differential, raw, direct and vertical ship displacement measurements

System for linear and angular displacement measurements based on digital sensors of ZETSENSOR series can be used for vessel parameters control in the case of roll impact.

The system is equipped with digital sensors performing vessel response to roll impact parameters control in real time mode. Sensor type as well as choice of monitoring system installation area depends on a particular vessel parameters. For instance, in the case of compact vessels with small tonnage it is recommended to use digital accelerometers ZET 7152-N-VER.1. For large vessels it is better to use digital tiltmeters ZET 7154, allowing to detect minor tilt angles.

The main purpose of the system is to notify the crew of critical changes in the seagoing characteristics of the vessel.

Operating principles

of System for linear and angular displacement measurements

The system is a set of software and hardware components, which includes:

  • task-oriented software used for processing of the recorded parameters.

The recorder is placed at the controlled object (it should be firmly attached to the controlled object surface). The positioning of the sensors inside of the portable recorder is determined depending on the amount of controlled parameters. Various combinations of digital sensors within the scope of the system enable parameters evaluation of the controlled objects by three degrees of freedom.

Portable recorder enables data transfer from the digital sensors to PC for the purpose of further processing. ZET 7175 synchronization module integrated into the portable recorder enables timing synchronization of the data received from the digital sensors. The system can also operate in off-line mode and perform recording of object parameters to 32 Gb flash drive.

Data processing is performed by means of task-oriented SCADA-project “System for linear and angular displacement measurements”.

Program window has several sections:

  • Measuring channels – it is possible to select digital sensors measuring channel for measurements performance from the list.  When the channels are selected, frequency and measurements limit corresponding to a particular sensor will be displayed automatically.

Arrangement of sensors for recording motion parameters

  • Measurements parameters – in this section it is possible to set Scheduled measurements time, s (this interval stands for the period of digital accelerometer signal processing); LPF (signal filtration resolution for the selected accelerometer channel), Signal measurement value (selection of acceleration value: «g» or «m/s2»), Basic distance, m (distance between the sensing elements of the digital sensors).
  • Current measurements time – current measurements time within one recording cycle.

Linear and angular displacement measurement system

“Start” key enables beginning of the recording process. The key changes its color and title for “Stop”. This process also initiates data processing (and the timer depicts current measurements time). The process is stopped by “Stop” key (the key changes the color and its name back to “Start”). As the process is suspended, the current measurements time is stopped too. Along with that the program depicts velocity and acceleration graphs, as well as diagrams of linear and angular displacement.

The recorded data. Sensors in a state of rest

In order to obtain reliable measurements results it is necessary to set precise parameters values using the selectors “Adjust start of measurements” and “Adjust beginning of measurements”. These parameters determine the time interval which should be deducted from the total time of measurements performance. The time setting should be performed based of acceleration and velocity diagrams.

Upon completion of measurements performance the diagrams depict the measured values of linear and angular displacement.

This project is aimed at linear and angular displacement measurement for a short limited period of time. In order to extend the application use of the measuring system, one can use ZETLAB Software.  It is also possible to tailor the project according to personal needs by means of SCADA-system ZETVIEW.

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