Hydrophones calibration system

The test bench for hydrophones calibration is represented by automated WKS used for primary and periodical calibration of the hydrophones.

Test bench for hydrophones calibration

hydrophones calibration system_general layout

Emitting hydrophone (e.g., BC 311), calibrated and reference hydrophones are placed into a water tank.

The voltage is applied from the generator (FFT Spectrum analyzer output) to the hydrophone via voltage amplifier ZET 420.  The hydrophone BC 311 starts emitting sound signals received by calibrated and reference hydrophones. These signals are sent to the FFT spectrum analyzer via the amplifier, that is used for amplification of the transferred signals. The voltage amplifiers are selected depending on the characteristics of hydrophones. Then the frequency-response characteristics of the calibrated and reference hydrophones are compared in the program from the scope of ZETLAB Software package.

The obtained characteristics and the frequency-response graph are specified in the individual certificate of the hydrophones.

The price of the System for hydrophones calibration is calculated depending on its configuration

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