Measuring module ZET 7180-I

  • Measurement module ZET 7180-I
  • CAN 2.0 digital output,
  • connected sensors type – current output

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of Measuring module ZET 7180-I

Technical Specifications
Measured parameter based on the type of the connected gauge
Type of connected gauges ВС 401 rpm meter
sensor with 4‑20; 0‑20; 0‑5 mA output
Gauge power supply 24 V
Maximum relative measurement error < 1 %
Data output frequency 1, 10, 50, 100, 200, 400 Hz
Data interface CAN 2.0
Data transmission rate 100, 300, 1,000 kbps
Performance Specifications
Dimensions 71×39×17 mm
Weight (kg) 30 g
Power supply 9 to 24 V
Consumed power 0.5 W
Reverse polarity protection yes
Operational temperature range -40 to +100 °С
Electromagnetic Compatibility, EMC
IEC 61000-4-2, ESD contact 4 kV, air 8 kV
IEC 61000-4-4, EFT power supply 0.5 kV, signal 0.25 kV
IEC 61000-4-5, Surge 500 V

* Depends on the type of the connected gauge

  • Operating In “Encoder” Mode

    The “Encoder” mode set according to the signal levels is used for RPM sensors. It can measure the RPM, speed and acceleration

  • Hardware Versions

    Standard: laboratory design in a plastic cover (green)
    ОЕМ: board covered with a sealing compound.
    Heavy Duty*: unit of standard design in an air-tight cover
    (with a transparent lid)


of Measuring module ZET 7180-I

  • Measurement Accuracy

    ZET 7180-I must be installed as close to the sensor as possible (or built into the cover) and signal digitization is performed in close vicinity to the sensing element which decreases the noise corruption of the measurement result.

  • Ready to Operation

    The settings of the digital gauge are stored in the memory of the measuring unit which facilitates immediate start of measurements after powering on, without any need to set the measuring channels.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    No additional costs for expensive cables are required for building distributed measurement networks using ZET 7180-I digital gauges since data are transmitted in a digital form.

  • No Data Processing Required

    Ready-to-use data are sent from the digital gauge output, i.e. the values of the measured variable, so no additional data processing is required.

Directive 2011/65/EU (ROHS, ROHS II)



Operation Principle

of Measuring module ZET 7180-I

The measuring module ZET 7180-I together with current output sensor constitutes a digital gauge for measuring various parameters.

The primary transducer (current output sensor) converts a physical value to the electric signal while the measuring unit digitizes this signal and outputs the value of the measured variable in a digital form. The measurement results are transmitted via CAN 2.0 interface.

Connection Diagrams

of Measuring module ZET 7180-I

Pin definition for connecting sensor

Pin number  Marking  Definition
1 24 V Power supply to gauge
2 GND Common
3 5 V Not used
4 SIG Signal from the sensor

Pin definition for connecting to the measurement network

Pin number Marking  Definition
1 +(9…24) V Orange
2 H line of CAN 2.0 Blue
3 L line of CAN 2.0 White-blue
4 GND White-orange

Diagram of connecting current output sensor to ZET 7180-I unit

Схема подключения датчиков к измерительному модулю ZET 7180-I

Diagram of connecting BC 401 to ZET 7180-I

Схема подключения ВС 401 к ZET 7180-I

The digital gauges can be used for building distributed measurement networks. Use interface converter for connecting the measurement network to ZETLAB and ZETVIEW systems. The ZETLAB software supports connection of up to 200 gauges to a single computer. Measurement networks can also be connected to any system via CAN 2.0 interface.

Возможные варианты построения измерительной сети на базе ZET 7180-I

Измерительная сеть на базе ZET 7180-I


the Measuring module ZET 7180-I

Digital gauge are configured in Device Manager software in the “Service” menu on the ZETLAB panel.

The "Measurement" tab

Parameter Changeability Acceptable values Description
Current measured value of the gauge (in units) Within measurement range Displays the measured value in the channel registered at the time of tab opening
Data refresh rate (Hz) Defined by the “Data refresh rate” parameter value on the “Settings” tab
Unit Corresponds to the current measurement unit. Defined by the “Measurement unit” parameter value on the “Settings” tab
Name of gauge Yes Any character sequence (not more than 32) At user’s discretion
Minimum value (in units) The cell shows the minimum possible value that can be measured the the digital gauge
Maximum value (in units) The cell shows the maximum possible value that can be measured the the digital gauge
Reference value for calculation in dB Displays the reference value required for conversion of the measured value in dB (not applicable to ZET 7×80-I series digital gauges)
Sensitivity (in units) Displays the sensitivity value
Sensitivity threshold (in units) The parameter indicates measurement accuracy

The "Setting" tab

Parameter  Changeability Acceptable values Description
Output signal Yes 0 – 20 mA
4 – 20 mA
0 – 5 mA
Select the value according to the data in the connected gauge certificate
Gauge serial number Yes Set the parameter only when gauge serial number identification is required
Unit Yes The set measurement units for identification of physical units used for measurement. This parameter is not used by the digital gauge for any conversions
Minimum measured value Yes Lower measurement threshold of the external gauge. Select the value according to the data in the connected gauge certificate
Maximum measured value Yes Upper measurement threshold of the external gauge. Select the value according to the data in the connected gauge certificate
Data refresh rate Yes 1
Sampling rate
Angle encoder mode Yes откл
Turns on/off the “Encoder” measurement mode

The "Encoder" tab

Parameter Changeability Acceptable values Description
Activity status No Off
Displays the current operation state of the “Encoder” mode
Upper threshold level Yes The parameter defines the upper level of mark triggering
Lower threshold level Yes The parameter defines the lower level of mark triggering
Number of marks per rotation Yes Indicates the number of marks per a single rotation
Measurement units Yes rot
Measurement unit selection
Clear Yes Off
Clears rotation meter (after settings saving returns to “off” state)

To configure the “Encoder” mode, initial data (“raw values”) must be measured by ZET 7×80-I digital gauge; for that, set the “Output signal” parameter on the “Settings” tab to the “0-20 mA” value. Then set values of “Minimum measured value” and “Maximum measured value” in accordance with the selected mode (to “0” and “20”, respectively).

It is necessary to determine the optical mark detection thresholds. To do so, point the optical sensor at the mark and record the current value from the “Direct current voltage meter” software in “Upper threshold level” on the “Encoder” tab. Then remove the mark and record the current value from the “Direct current voltage meter” software in “Lower threshold level” on the “Encoder” tab. Note that the values must be checked because, if the value does not exceed the set threshold, the mark will not be counted. This means that the values should be set with a little deviation to ensure mark operation, with the noise and distortion levels being much lower to prevent false triggering.

The "Displacement" tab

Parameter Changeability  Acceptable values Description 
Displacement state Yes Off
Turning on/off conversion of the current measured value to the value set for the “Displacement for” parameter
Displacement in unit Yes Indicates the value which is set as a current indication of the digital gauge, relative to which further changes of readings will be tracked.

Test impact types

AC - alternating signal

FR: «Required frequency value»: «Frequency tolerance» – alternating signal frequency;

AM: «Required signal amplitude value»: «Signal amplitude tolerance» – alternating signal amplitude;

OF: «Generated signal bias»: «Generated signal bias tolerance» – generated signal bias;

TM: «Signal analysis time» – signal control time (minimal signal analysis time for transient processes or long-time tests)

Alternating signal with frequency: 0.5 ± 0.01 Hz, amplitude: 0.4 ± 0.002 V, bias: 0.1 ± 0.0001 V, minimal signal control time – 5 s.

DC - constant signal

LE: «Required signal level»: «Signal level tolerance» – generated signal level.

TM: «Signal analysis time» – control signal time (signal analysis minimal time for transient and long-time processes tests)


constant signal: 0.5 ± 0.001 V, minimal signal control time – 5 s.

ST1 - stepwise change

AM: «Minimal value»: «Maximum value» – change range.

TM: «Signal setting time» – time before signal control start

stepwise change: for 100..200 units, minimal signal control time – 5 s.

ST2 - stepwise change

MD: «Minimal change»: «Maximum change» – change amplitude.

TM: «Signal setting time» – time before signal control start

stepwise change: for 10..10.5 units in modulus, minimal signal control time – 6 s.

PPS - Pulse-per-second signal

SP: «Acceptable counts deviation» – amount of counts before or after start of a second.

Level change to be checked one time in a second.

PPS;SP:2 –
the change should take place in the beginning of a second, 2 counts.

Device type is selected from the dropdown list. In order to select a device, pick an element with left mouse key and choose a device to be checked from the list.

Use selector to set particular test. To set the test number click the number with left mouse key and set the required value by scroll. If the self-check is on, the selector will not be available until the user stops the project or the self-check is over. There is a key for start / stop of the process. The green key means that the diagnostics process is on, grey key stands for  for idle state.

Indicator is a timer showing the elapsing time of the current test. The countdown is started after beginning of any test. Test results are available in the log.

Basic configuration

of Measuring module ZET 7180-I

Вариант базовой комплектации

Sensor basic configuration includes:

  • Measuring module ZET 7180-I;
  • DIN-rail mounting panel for plastic modules 71×39;
  • set of operational documentation.

From 147 USD

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