Cable networks: automated control

Electrical circuits control device ZET 452  is used for impedance and electrical circuits resistance measurements in automated mode in accordance with the set algorithm by means of task-specific ZET Cable Test software.

Among special features of  ZET 452 one should mention a shorter period of time (up to 20 times) necessary for tests performance with the use of standard measuring instruments. It allows to use the device in mass manufacturing, aircraft and vehicle construction, defence industry.

Electrical circuits control device ZET 452 can be used offline or within the scope of automated systems.

The device has a wide application scope. It can be used for tests and measurements performance, control of technological processes, commissioning procedures and scientific research.

One should also mention such feature as the amount of measurements for electrical circuits impedance control (up to 600 per minute) and for electrical circuits insulation resistance control (up to 60 per minute).

Another feature of electrical circuits control device ZET 452 is the function of the controlled device identification. As the device of another type is identified, corresponding program for its control is downloaded automatically. It enables automation of control performance and eliminates the possibility of choosing a wrong program for control procedure. This feature is also useful for the control of a large amount of the devices.

The device consists of two components: the one forming reference voltage and the one used for measurements.

Operating principle of the first component is based on automated control of integrated reference voltage source and supply of the reference voltage to the controlled circuit contacts. Operating principle of the second component of the device is based on conversion of input analog signal into digital signal by means of ADC.

ZET 452 hardware components include PC, switching unit ZET 454 or extension module ZET 452 MP, depending on the amount of the controlled circuits and location of the controlled objects.

The above mentioned features enable synchronous operation of the devices within the scope of the test system.

For proper operation, the electrical circuits control device ZET 452 should be connected to PC with the necessary software package.

Evaluation of operability and characteristics of the tested object is performed by means of analysis of the response to the test impact with further representation of the measurements results obtained and tests protocol at the display of the PC. Measurements performance control and results representation is implemented by means of task-specific software. The measurements results are saved to the hard drive.

ZET 452 is a measuring instrument which can be used for operability check of the electrical circuits and cable networks.

As it has already been mentioned, the application scope of the device covers any industrial sphere with mass-manufacturing of the products having integrated electrical circuits and cable networks.

Operating principles of ZET 452 within the scope of test systems

for automated control of cable networks

The test system is represented by software and hardware complex.

In both cases the software part includes task-specific software necessary for the test system operation and enabling control in automated mode and a program for the test system diagnostics.

Thus, a single device for electrical circuits automated control ZET 452, switching module ZET 454 and several (up to seven) extension units ZET 452 MP are synchronized with each other, thus forming a test system for electrical circuits control.

ZET 452 can be equipped with USB cable or an output for Ethernet connection.

Switching module ZET 454 allows to connect up to 8 modules with two connectors for up to 72 measuring contacts.

When ZET 452 is connected to ZET 454, 72 measuring contacts of ZET 452 module are commutated to one of ZET 454 connectors. Connection to PC is performed via Ethernet communication interface.

The program enables electrical circuits and electrical circuits insulation control in accordance with the applicable procedures.

— up to 20 thousand checks per hour in the range up to 1 kOhm;

— up to 3 thousand checks per hour in the range up to 100 mOhm;

— up to 3 thousand checks per hour during insulation resistance control.

Interaction with the controlled object is performed by means of connection lines and cables in accordance with the source data parameters.

Control and measurements functions of the test system are fully automated and require minimal possible participation of the operator.

Configuration of the test system enables easy access to connection and their simple interconnection (it is impossible to interconnect them in a wrong way). Hardware units of the system are easy to transport, install and dismount.

It is noteworthy that effective implementation of the system is possible only in the case if the test system is equipped with at least two sets of ZET 452 + 454 devices. The devices should be placed at the ends of the controlled cables. One set is used to provide reference voltage and the other is used for measurements performance.

It is possible to use this type of test system layout when the controlled cables have considerable length and when the controlled cables are hardly accessible (i.e. those of the aircraft, vessel, submarine, etc.). In this case the amount of the controlled contacts is almost unlimited.

In the case if ZET 452 is used together with extension module ZET 452 MP (it is possible to connect up to 7 extension modules), then ZET 452 is equipped with USB PC communication interface.

This configuration of the test system is used for mass-manufactured controlled devices with the amount of the controlled contacts less than 576.

Control system enables measurement of electrical resistance and suppy of 5V constant voltage as well as electrical insulation impedance measurements and suppy of 100V constant voltage.

It is possible to perform check of the circuits between any two contacts of the controlled device – including those connected to different modules of the same test system. The measurements are performed automatically in accordance with the set algorithm of the program “Electrical circuits control”.

Structure of the test system allows to produce meausurements protocol in accordance with the set format as well as to store the data obtained in the archive.

The test system has interference protection and any mutual interference of the system components is excluded.

The cables included into the scope of the test system enable connection of the cable network of the controlled object to corresponding commutation units connectors.

Thus, electrical circuits control device ZET 452 is a universal instrument that can be used both in offline mode and within the scope of hardware and software complexes (control test systems in particular).

Test system can be modified, thus allowing to increase the amount of the controlled contacts for solving any particular task.

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