Clearing programs configuration

in ZETLAB Software

The programs included into the scope of ZETLAB Software save the files with previously changed user configuration.

This allows to considerably simplify the use of ZETLAB software since there is no need to configure the program parameters every time as the program is used. Even if the user runs several programs simultaneously, each program uses a configuration of its own.

However, the software undergoes constant updates and improvements, which often results in conflicts between configuration files (it may lead to program start error or other malfunctions).

In order to solve this issue, software developers have implemented the option “Clear configuration” in the main menu of ZETLAB panel.

Clear program configuration

Clearing the program configuration allows the user to simplify troubleshooting by means of automated removal of all basic files from the software directory. That actually means that you do not have to search for the configuration files, that may be the reason for program errors. The configuration files are not removed completely, thus, it is possible to restore them if the need be.

Enjoy error-free software performance!