Control Days. Moscow 2019

11-th international exhibition of test, measurements and control instruments

ZETLAB Company - Participation in international exhibition - 2019

ZETLAB Company would like to thank everyone who has visited our booth at the 11-th international exhibition of measurement and control instruments Control Days. Moscow 2019, which was held on April 2-4, 2019 in Expocentre fairgrounds.

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Control Days - Strain-gauge measurements system
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Our exhibition stands

Multi-channel system

Multi-channel measurement system

Torque measurement system


Noise and vibration parameters measurement system

Noise and vibration characteristics measurement system

Multi-channel strain-gauge measurement system

Exhibition stand of the strain gauge measurement system

Multi-purpose shaker controller (VCS)


Multi-fucntional vibration testing control system

Vibration control systems together with the vibration exciters

Metrology Days

Industry-specific reports and lections

Conference - Overview of shaker controllers basic characteristics

As a part of Control Days. Moscow 2019 exhibition activities, specialists of ZETLAB Company have organized the following task-specific workshops:

  • Multi-channel vibration testing systems. Advantages of implementation.
  • International standards. Vibration testing with the impact of broadband random vibration with the use of digital shaker controller (VCS).

Our specialists have shared their experience and recent developments in the corresponding research areas. In addition to that, there was also held a presentation of state-of-the-art shaker controllers: ZET 024 and ZET 028.

On the first day, we have considered various types of vibration generation systems used for testing of the specimen resistance to the impact of external mechanical factors (both single-channel one-axial, and multi-channel multi-axial systems). It is rather often that these types of tests are conducted with the use of single-channel one-axial shaker systems. Our specialists have considered the major advantages of using the multi-channel shaker systems together with shaker controllers (VCS) manufactured by ZETLAB Company. These instruments are suitable for the following use scenarios: modelling of an impact similar to the real one, reduction of the time required for tests performance, testing of large specimen, increase of product quality.

The second day was dedicated to the review of international standards related to the broadband random vibration testing with the use of shaker controller (VCS). Eventually, there have been outlined the new trends in vibration testing and the relevant functional capabilities of ZETLAB shaker controllers.

Participant of the Conference - Metrologist of ZETLAB Company

Exhibition stand of ZETLAB Company


Thank you for visiting our booth!

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