Cloud monitoring solutions

for implementation in monitoring systems based on ZETLAB products

Cloud computing is a relatively new technology in Russia, even though the concept of cloud computing was first outlined by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider in 1970. Today up to 95% of internet users actually face cloud technologies without knowing about it. Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk and many other applications have a positive influence on our everyday life since they enable access to the necessary information in any place of the world.

So, why not to transfer the use of cloud computing from everyday life to industrial sphere of application?

How does it work?

ZETLAB Company has established a back-end database for storage, computing and measurements data processing. The data is received from controlled objects and is then forwarded to the Customer.

In the course of development of the monitoring system based on ZETLAB products, the Customer may select a particular structure of the data transfer channel (used for data transfer from the measuring line to the back-end database):

Cloud monitoring solutions - controlled objects diagram

The measuring lines located at the controlled object send to the back-end data server the following information: 

Cloud monitoring solutions - data clients diagram

ZETLAB server uses SaaS (Software as a Service) technologies – i.e. the subscribers have a turn-key software application with a full maintenance support by the provider.

Main functions:

  • Data acceptance from the data acquisition nodes placed at the controlled object;
  • Archive storage of the data from the controlled object;
  • Computing of the required values;
  • Users and passwords data storage;
  • Data transfer to clients via password/user access form (trends, events, data)

Data transfer from the server to the client can be performed both via open protocol and secured protocol (secured on software level by VPN or secured on hardware level by Cisco routers).

For the purpose of additional data protection, the server enables devices MAC-address identification with further SMS-notification of the main client in the case if the MAC-address differs from the one integrated into the system. Data exchange is performed via an encrypted channel, which allows to prevent unauthorized access to your information.


Major advantages of ZETLAB cloud monitoring system are as follows:

  1.  Cost-cutting. The customers can reduce their expenses for server hardware, local networks, and corresponding staff.
  2. Global access and data protection. The system enables global access to the data – all you need is a PC with internet connection. The data is stored at the data acquisition node (in the so-called data center), in which the system performs data processing. By data processing, we mean data generation, file storage as well as data representation with multi-level protection from unauthorized access.
  3. Metrological support of measuring instruments and software. Cloud monitoring technologies enable sensors’ in-place verification (there is no need to dismount the sensors from the controlled object). Upon receipt of a request for metrological self-check performance, the data are transmitted from the “cloud monitoring system” to ZETLAB metrological department database – depending on the information received, a corresponding certificate is issued. Automated software updates allow you to use up-to-date software version.