This clause contains information regarding Products, not included in the pervious sections: automated control of cable networks by means of electrical circuits parameters control devices, ADC DAC automation, general information regarding cavitation and displacement measurements by means of eddy-current and LVDT-displacement sensors.

Устройства контроля электрических цепей

Devices for electrical circuits parameters control

Application scope of electrical circuits parameters control device ZET 452,  implementation, basic functions and operating principles.

Автоматизация с АЦП ЦАП

ADC DAC: automation

Connection options of modules to PC, operation in offline mode, connection of sensors with current output.

Impedance, capacity and inductivity measurements by means of ADC DAC modules. Measurement, monitoring and control systems based on ADC DAC modules.



Cavitation theory. Conditions for cavitation forming.

Измерение перемещения

Displacement measurements

Settings of laser sensors within the scope of ZETLAB system. Eddy-current sensors systems. LVDT-displacement sensors.