Resistive temperature transducers

Resistive temperature transducers made of platinum and copper are used for temperature measurements and control in liquid, solid, gaseous and granular environments for various industrial applications. 

The measuring transducers are used together with digital temperature sensors with RS-485 interface ZET 7021 TermoTR-485 and CAN interface ZET 7121 TermoTR-CAN.

Measuring system

Measuring system with the use of temperature converter - general scheme

For the purpose of temperature measurements performance in addition to primary transducers (resistive temperature transducer) a measuring module is also required. Resistive temperature transducer together with measuring module form intelligent temperature sensor which transfers the measured temperature value. Intelligent temperature sensor can be used both for  temperature measurements and control as well as for constant / long-term temperature data registering. Thus, the measuring system enables a wide range of possible applications for temperature measurements, registering and control in various conditions and environments.

How to buy resistive temperature transducer?

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External view Product name Brief description
Термометр сопротивления ZET 7021 Intelligent temperature sensor consists of resistive temperature transducer and ZET 7021 TermoTR-485 module, which converts sensor’s signal to temperature value. Resistive temperature transducer is selected depending on particular task: required measuring range, precision, operational environment.
Термометр сопротивления ZET 7121 Intelligent temperature sensor consists of resistive temperature transducer and ZET 7121 TermoTR-CAN module, which converts sensor’s signal to temperature value. The obtained temperature values are transferred via Modbus protocol by means of CAN interface.

Resistive temperature transducers: technical specifications

Based on resistance to temperature and humidity the temperature sensors correspond to C2 class (−40…+70 ºС) and to N3 class based on TC mechanical impact resistance factor.  Nominal statical characteristics, their index, nominal resistance values and corresponding temperature ratios are specified below:

Temperature sensor type Resistive temperature transducers (Pt) Resistive temperature transducers (Copper)
NSC index 50P 100P 500P Pt100 Pt500 Pt1000 50M 100M
Nominal resistance value R0, Ohm 50 100 500 100 500 1000 50 100
Temperature ratio, α, 1/ºС 0,00391 0,00385 0,00428

Temperature tolerance values for Pt and copper thermal sensors corresponding tolerance classes are specified below:

Temperature sensors tolerance class Temperature sensors tolerance,°С
АА ±(0,1+0,0017*|t|)
А ±(0,15+0,002*|t|)
В ±(0,3+0,005*|t|)
С ±(0,6+0,01*|t|)

where|t| is absolute temperature value, °С