Offline recorder ZET 7173

  • Off-line measurements
  • Signals recording without connection to PC
  • External SD-card (memory volume: up to 32 Gb)

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of Offline recorder ZET 7173

Functionality Recorder
Maximal number of addresses connected at a time (node) 32
Maximum total frequency of data recording 9,600 Hz
External SD-card format microSD and microSDHC (memory volume: to 8 Gb or 32Gb)
File system FAT32
Digital module connection interface CAN 2.0
CAN bus data exchange rate 100, 300, 1,000 Kbps
Surge protection (current 1 A) for interface inputs 19 V
Pulse protection (350 W, 8/20 μs) for interface inputs 28 V
Power supply of digital transducers connected external
PC connection interface USB (type B) Mass Storage
MicroSD to PC data read rate more than 10 Mbps
Dimensions 87×50×24 mm
Weight 55 g
Device power 9 to 24 V
Maximal power consumption 1.6 W
Polarity reversal protection available
Operating temperature range -40 to +80 °C
Operation mode Loop recording option available


of standalone recorder ZET 7173

Offline recorder ZET 7173 is used for recording of the data received over CAN bus from digital transducers.

The recorder is connected to actual instrument communications net on CAN bus.

Signal recording starts automatically. All the data transmitted by digital transducers via CAN bus is saved to a microSD-card as files in special format.

To get the access to the recorded files from PC, you have to either insert SD-card directly into PC or card-reader slot or to connect the recorder to PC via USB 2.0 cable. In the latter case, the recorder switches over to USB flash drive mode and becomes visible in operation system as a regular removable drive. Using ZETLAB software you can open the recorded files.

The transducers can be mounted on the controlled object or be placed inside of the electrical cabinet together with the interface modules that are used for data communication purposes. The electrical cabinet by ZETLAB Company is quite compact if compared to the currently available analogs. Among the advantages of ZETSENSOR modules, one should also mention easy installation and ву-installation, as well as power supply and signal transfer indication (which considerably simplifies the in-place verification of the system operation at the controlled object).


of Offline recorder ZET 7173

ZET 7173 - front view -connection pins

Communications network connection

Designation of connector pin-outs for CAN line connection

1 +(9…24) V Orange
2 CAN 2.0 line “H” Blue
3 CAN 2.0 line “L” White-blue
4 GND White-orange

Within the instrument communications net, autonomous recorder operates as a usual control module on CAN bus. It has its own address (node), to which it delivers its own data (approximate rate of thread-specific data in Kbps); it also can be configured using ZETLAB software and interface converter (ZET 7174, ZET 7176).

Almost all the recorder settings are available on tabs “Information” (to set address) and “Drive” (to set recording parameters). Other tabs are basically intended to provide various static and diagnostic data.

“Drive” tab parameters are identical to those from a similar tab in ZET 7174 and ZET 7176 program menu.



of ZET 7173 offline recorders

Offline recorder is not intended for substituting the functions of an interface converter  (ZET 7174, ZET 7176 or ZET 7172). Interface converter is necessary for the operation of the whole instrument communications net, as well as for configuration thereof, including configuring the recorder itself. Still, it is impossible to get access to the recorded files via CAN interface converter. It is driven by a relatively low rate of data transmission via CAN bus if compared to USB bus or SD-card direct connection.

Recording starts automatically (in 10-30 seconds) as the following conditions are met:


    there is at least one digital transducer in the instrument communications net in addition to the recorder


    in recorder settings options, offline recording is allowed


    fault-free and empty FAT32 SD-card is placed in the recorder slot


    USB 2.0 cable not connected to the recorder

Recording stops in the following cases:


    when power is off


    offline recording function in recorder settings is disabled


    USB 2.0 cable is connected to the recorder


    when SD-card is taken out of the recorder slot (it is extremely undesirable to do it in the course of signals data recording)


    when SD-card is full (less than 100 MB free disk space) or if error occurs while recording to SD-card

The standalone recorder can be implemented in any instrument communications net based on CAN bus. PC connection is not required, it operates absolutely independently. All you need is to connect the recorder to CAN bus and provide power supply.

In the cases, when (for some reasons) there is no permanent connection between the instrument communications network and the PC via USB/Ethernet/GSM interfaces, the recorder can function as the main recording device.

When it is connected to PC, the recorder (or even several recorders) can be used for signals backup recording in case of connection failure.


of ZET 7173 offline recorders

Off-line recorder ZET 7173 - basic delivery scope

The Offline recorder ZET 7173 supply package includes the following:

  • Offline recorder ZET 7173
  • USB-cable
  • SD card
  • Cable to connect to instrument communications net
  • Package of documents

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