Arithmometer Software

Arithmometer is used for arithmetic operations with instantaneous signal values coming to the input channels of ADC modules and spectrum analyzers. The indicator displays the current value of the selected arithmetic operation. After starting, the program creates additional virtual channel  whose values can be used in all ZETLAB programs.

Арифмометр ZETLAB

Available Arithmetic Operations

  • addition;
  • subtraction;
  • multiplication;
  • division;
  • maximum;
  • minimum;
  • arithmetic average;
  • geometric average;
  • module;
  • multiplication by a constant;
  • addition of a constant.

Supported Hardware

Input data for Arithmometer includes digital data of the ZETLAB server channel.

Arithmometer is a part of the following software:

Arithmometer is included in the Automation software group:

Арифмометр ZETLAB