for a measuring line

Prior to diagnostics, check IDs of those interface converters for which the diagnostics of the measuring lines formed by the converters is to be performed. Enter “Actions” – “Diagnostics” menu in the “Service operations with ZET 7xxx” program and select the “Line synchronization diagnostics” from the pop-up list.
The program will start testing the measuring lines and the results will be displayed in the “Line synchronization diagnostics” program.

Synchronization diagnostics in the measuring line consists in diagnostics by several parameters:

  1. Current time (CAN): internal clock of the digital sensor.
  2. Offset, nsec (CAN): instantaneous value of the internal clock offset relative to the setup unit (master).
  3. Average offset, nsec (CAN): average statistical offset value during a certain period of time.
  4. Offset standard deviation, nsec (CAN): offset standard deviation within a certain period of time.
  5. Synchronization status (CAN): the digital sensor synchronization status. There are several statuses:
    • Completed
    • In progress
  6. Saved PWM duty ratio, %: PWM duty ratio set during calibration. It is expressed in %.
  7. Current PWM duty ratio, %: current PWM duty ratio measured at the current moment. The normal value has to be within the 25% to 75% range.
  8. Temperature, °С: board temperature.
Диагностика синхронизации