ZET 7156 VER.2 seismograph

  • Ground seismic surveys in close vicinity to the mining areas
  • Explosion-hazard buildings natural frequency control
  • Passive seismic surveys
  • Compact explosion-proof design
  • High accuracy of measurements

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of Seismograph ZET 7156 VER.2

Measuring channels specifications
Seismic recorder model ZET 7156
Measurement axes number 3 (X, Y, Z)
Measured physical value vibration velocity
Frequency range from 0,3 up to 100 Hz
Measurement range from 0,0015 up to 5 mm/sec
Measuring tolerance 10 %
Relative interchannel overlapping ratio at the frequency of 20 Hz, max 1 %
Instant values recording: sampling frequency 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 Hz
Measurements reliability control sensing element integrity control,
measuring circuit control
Standalone mode
Off-line mode – operation time, min 24 hrs
Integrated battery full charge time, max 6 hrs
Battery type Li-Ion
Integrated non-volatile memory 8 Gb
Integrated memory card recording time at maximum sampling rate, min 150 hrs
Technical specifications
Data transfer interface Ethernet and USB 1.1 Full Speed
Data exchange speed 100, 300, 1000 kbps
General specifications
Power voltage 12 V
Consumed power 1 W
Recorded data format ANA/ANP
conversion to CSV and SEG-Y formats via ZETLAB Software
Explosion protection type PB Exd I MB X explosion proof mark
Average lifetime 10 years
Weight, max 5 kg
Dimensions, max 200×150×140 mm
Operation temperature range −20…+60 °C


of Seismograph ZET 7156 VER.2

High sensitivity

Allows to register vibration velocity from 0,0002 mm/sec

Frequency range

Wide frequency range: from 0,3 up to 500 Hz

Off-line mode

Continious signals recording time: 24 h


Metrological self-check enables longer verification interval

Robust design

explosion-proof casing, compact dimensions, light weight

10 years warranty

Reliability and accuracy throughout operational cycle

Functions and internal design

of Seismograph ZET 7156 VER.2

Seismograph ZET 7156 VER.2 consists of a digital triaxial high-sensitive seismic receiver and data recorder placed inside of a compact, explosion-proof casing. Seismographs are used for measuring seismic impact parameters, ground seismic surveys performance close to mines locations, explosion-hazard buildings dynamic characteristics control, oil pipelines leak detection, passive seismic surveys.

Seismograph settings and control panel is located under the lid of the explosion-proof casing:

  • «USB» port — is used for connecting the seismograph to PC via USB interface for the purpose of further configuration;
  • «SD» port — is used for transferring the registered signals data from seismograph non-volatile memory to PC via USB interface;
  • «CHARGE» port — is used for battery charger connection.

«POWER» key of the seismograph is used for start/stop of the data recording process as well as for connection of the seismograph to PC for configuration purposes.

Seismograph for use in mines

The seismographs have sound indication:

  • single short signal — seismograph initialization process is complete;
  • single long signal — data recording process is started;
  • double short signals —  SD card not found (data recording is impossible);
  • triple short signals — time settings mistake, synchronization failure (data recording is impossible);
  • constant short signals— SD card failure in the course of data recording process (SD card memory overflow).

The seismographs perfectly suit for temporary mounting at the controlled area (it is possible to mount them both on the ground and solid surface – steel, concrete, etc.).

In the case of mounting on solid surfaces, it is necessary to fix the device at the measurements area using screw connection and mounting holes (located at the bottom of the seismograph). In the case of mounting on a ground surface, it is necessary to use mounting pins (to be previously fixed in the seismograph mounting points).

When installing the seismograph in the research area it is necessary to align measuring axis “X” by azimuth (as a rule, direction to the North is used). Measuring axes direction is shown on the surface of the seismograph’s casing.

Basic configuration

of Seismograph ZET 7156 VER.2

Basic equipment of a seismograph

Basic delivery scope of Seismograph ZET 7156 VER.2 includes:

  • mine-safe seismograph with integrated ZET 7156 seismic receiver;
  • USB cable;
  • ZF120 battery charger;
  • pins for ground mounting: 2 pcs.;
  • CD with ZETLAB Software;
  • set of operational documentation.

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