ZET 017-U24 Shaker controller

(24 measuring channels)

  • software and hardware suite based on FFT spectrum analyzer
  • allows carrying out vibration tests on electrodynamic and pneumatic shakers
  • for spectral, modal and other kinds of signal analysis
  • for carrying out tests for sinusoidal vibration pressure, random vibration, classical and vibration shock


of ZET 017-U24 shaker controller


maximum efficiency with minimum participation of operator in test performance

Full range of vibration tests

tests for sine, BBRV, hit (impact), vibration impact

Easy operation

user-friendly Software interface


with all types of vibro-transducers from various manufacturers

Tests report

detailed tests report is produced automatically


of ZET 017-U24 vibration controller

Technical specifications
Frequency range 3 Hz… 10 kHz
Number of measuring channels (feedback channels) 24
(3 synchronized 8-channel modules)
Number of control channels 1
PC communication interface USB (standard package)
Ethernet* (option)
Sinusoidal vibration 
Dynamic range 80 dB
Cycle duration 100 ms
Frequency measurement error < 0,1%
Acceleration measurement tolerance < 0,5%
Frequency sweep rate (lin.) up to 600 Hz/min
Frequency sweep rate (log.) up to 10 oct./min
Sustain accuracy with resonance (anti-resonance) reactance factor maximum 50 ±3 dB
Sustain accuracy with reactance factor maximum 70 ±6 dB
Signal slew rate < 10 dB/s
Control methods Over one channel
Over several channels
Maximal over several channels
Measurement methods Amplitude
Random vibration
Signal dynamic range 60 dB
Cycle duration 1 s
Frequency resolution from 6 up to 1 Hz
Sustain accuracy ±3 dB
Control methods Over one channel
Average over several channels
Maximal over several channels
Classical shock
Shock duration from 0,1 up to 30 ms
Shock frequency from 1 up to 120 shocks per minute
Shocks number from 1 up to 100 000
Shock amplitude deviation < 5%
Shock duration deviation < 5%
Shock pulse types Sinusoidal
Vibrational shock
Shock duration from 10 ms up to 4 s
Shock frequency from 15 up to 1200 shocks per minute
Number of shocks from 1 up to 100 000
Other functions
Additional functions Bandpass filter
Acceleration dispersion table
Calculation and synthesis of shock response spectrum
Imitation of guns impact

* when FFT spectrum analyzer is connected over Ethernet, the system response delay increases by an order of magnitude as compared to USB-connection, and the system might not complete resonating products or shapes with a sudden level drop. The table shows values for FFT spectrum analyzer connected by USB.


of ZET 017-U24 shaker controller

ZET 017-U24 vibration controller represents a software and hardware suite based on FFT spectrum analyzer. ZET017-U is designed for testing specimen, hardware, and other products, which can be exposed to random vibration or harmonic vibration while being transported and operated. These tests mainly involve the following vibration types impacting the specimen:

Vibration controller: automated system

Now you don’t have to spend much time on settings and tests in manual mode. All you need to do is to select the test mode, set the parameters and press “Start” button! Besides, this system is significantly cheaper than foreign counterparts available on the market.

Shaker is controlled by spectral analyzer using ZETLAB VIBRO programs: sinusoidal signal, broadband random vibration, classic impact, vibration impact. In these programs, you can set the test type to be carried out on the shaker stand and to be controlled by FFT spectrum analyzer over the feedback channel.

To affect the specimen with vibration (random or harmonic) similar to that occurring in typical operation environment, the shaker controller provides generation of the control signal for shaker according to the customized level of vibration set by the user, which must be sustained at the reference measurement point. The system sustains the set level automatically, regardless of any external impacts to the item.

Delivery scope

of ZET 017-U24 vibration controller (24 measuring channels)

Basic delivery scope includes:

  • ZET 017-U24 shaker controller
  • vibration controller synchronization function
  •  ZETLAB VIBRO software

Software for tests performance

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