SHM subsystem

Foundation subsidence control

Soil mass located at the building structures foundation is a complex dynamic system (parameters of such system have a high dynamics of changes).

This is exactly why a lot of attention is paid to geotechnical research and analytical models development of the base soil in the course of building’s design. Minor mistakes in the analytical models or inferior quality of geotechnical research may result in destruction hazard, cracks occurrence, and other deformations.

The most well-known architectural masterpiece that has been exposed to the impact of such mistakes is the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. It is located on soft, easily compressible soil. The tilt of Tower is gradually increasing, which results in the loss of balance of the whole structure.

Structural health monitoring (SHM) subsystem “Foundation subsidence control” is used for foundation subsidence detection, which may lead to the transition of the building state from operational into the state of failure.

The system is based on concrete strain gauges KM-100A and KDC-500KPA soil pressure gauges (to be placed under the foundation), which are connected to ZET 7010, ZET 7110 digital modules. Otherwise, the system operation can be based on ZET 7012 soil pressure gauges.

General specifications

Controlled parameter Deformation Pressure Pressure
Module/ digital sensor type ZET 7110 + КМ-100А
ZET 7010 + KM-100A
ZET 7110 + soil pressure gauge KDC-500KPA
ZET 7010 + soil pressure gauge KDC-500KPA
ZET 7010 SP
Measuring unit µm /m kPa mPa
Measuring range -5000…+5000 1…500 (UMR) 6 mPa
Minimal registered value 2 5 0,1
ALARM: bottom threshold level 100 20 0,4

We recommend using digital multi-channel seismic streamer for the purpose of geotechnical research of the area, which is going to be used for further construction works.

Upon completion of the geotechnical research we shall have a wide range of information crucial for further design works:

  • ground properties characteristics
  • information on its aggregate state
  • depth of ground waters location
  • presence of cracks or karst formations
  • geologic cross-section data.
Инженерно-геофизические изыскания с помощью цифровой сейсмокосы ЦСК

Structural health monitoring (SHM) subsystem “Foundation subsidence control” compares the values received from digital sensors to the set threshold levels for warning and alarm levels. “Warning” and “Danger” signals are formed in the case if the threshold level exceeding is detected.

A complete Structural health monitoring system of a high structure should include a number of subsystems used for various parameters control (both of the building and its base ground foundation). Thus, if you want to receive accurate and comprehensive data, it is highly recommended to use the “Foundation subsidence control” structural health monitoring system together with several other systems of similar purpose.