Generating the Modbus address table

The Modbus register address table is intended for communicating between the digital sensors and third-party interface converters via the Modbus protocol. The table stores information on the address to be queried for the relevant data. You can create the Modbus register address table for all digital sensors, as well as for ZET 7174 and ZET 7176 interface converters.

To create the Modbus register address table for a specific device, proceed as follows:

    1. Right-click to open the context menu of the device which the address table is to be created for. Run the “Generate address table” command from the displayed context menu.

Команда «Сгенерировать таблицу адресов» из контекстного меню

    1. After running the “Generate address table” command, a folder opens from the  C:ZETLabSensorWorkAddressTables directory, where a “.html” file is created for the specified device.

Файл созданный командой «Сгенерировать таблицу адресов»

    1. This file contains the Modbus register address table for the specified device. The file can be opened with any web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, IE, etc.); to do so, left double-click on the file. A page will open in the browser, containing the Modbus register address table. Example of an address table is shown below.

Пример таблицы адресов регистров Modbus