pendulum shock testing machine

Pendulum shock testing machine “UDAR-1” is intended for calibration and verification of measuring transducers (both analog and digital) by means of shock impact as well as for shock testing of various specimen.


of pendulum shock testing machine “UDAR-1”

Technical specifications
Shock impact acceleration range produced by the pendulum shock testing machine 200…12 000 m/s2
Shock impact acceleration duration 0,2 – 5,3 ms
Fluctuations of the peak impact acceleration ± 10 %
Weight of the calibrated measuring transducers max 2 kg
Operational specifications
Operating temperature range from 18 ºС up to 28 ºС
Frame dimensions L×W×H 900×500×830 mm
Shock testing machine weight not more than 100 kg

Operating principles

of the pendulum shock testing machine “UDAR-1”

The operating principle of the pendulum shock testing machine is based on the ballistic pendulum method. From structural point of view, the pendulum shock testing machine consists of a frame, suspensions holding the hammer, and an anvil with integrated reference primary transducer.

The amplitude of the produced shock pulse is controlled by the reference acceleration measuring transducer. The value of the shock impact acceleration is regulated by the height of the initial hammer position. Shock-absorbers of various thickness and elasticity degree (to be attached to the reverse side of the anvil) are used to produce shock pulses of different duration.

For the calibration (or verification purposes) it is possible to use comparison method of the reference and calibrated transducer, which is mounted on the anvil at the side, which is opposite to the impact side. One can also use the indirect measurements method: measurement of the time necessary to pass the target with the subsequent recomputation of the velocity.

Components of the calibration system

based on pendulum shock testing machine “UDAR-1”

Basic configuration
Item Function Amount Price
Ballistic pendulum produces shock impact acceleration 1 pc 34 486 USD
Reference accelerometer shock pulse amplitude control 1 pc 4 832 USD
Spectrum Analyzer ZET 017-U2 recording and control of the signals received from the primary transducers 1 pc from 3 933 USD
Charge preamplifier ZET 440 charge amplifier used for connection of the reference transducers to FFT spectrum analyzer 2 pcs from 775 USD
Reference target of a certain length attached to the pendulum used for measurement of the pendulum speed 1 pc included into delivery scope of the ballistic pendulum
Contactless optical RPM sensor ВС 401 recording of the speed of the ballistic pendulum against the reference target 1 pc 282 USD
ZETLAB Software  Modal analysis software for calculation and display of the measured characteristics 1 pc included into delivery scope of FFT Spectrum Analyzer ZET 017-U2
PC or laptop upon request 1 pc from 1 556 USD
Training Customer’s personnel training 10 % from the total price of the system
Equipment verification in cooperation with a certified institution 20 % from the total price of the system

Total price: from 46 636 USD

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