Zetsensor Modules Power Supply

What power supply is required for ZETSENSOR modules? Are there any turn-key solutions for that?

Power supply of ZETSENSOR modules must be from 9 to 24 V,  and the required power value is calculated by formula:


where n –is number of interface modules connected to power supply unit, Рi — the power of i-th module

Power consumption of all types of ZETSENSOR modules is 1 W, and the formula above changes as follows: Р=1,5*n

Example: for power supply of 40 units 60 W is required.

Note: if any third party primary converters are connected to the measuring modules, it’s necessary to adjust power consumption.

The ZETSENSOR modules provide reverse polarity protection and in the case of revrse polarity connection there will be no failure. However, try to avoid exceeding voltage rate of 36 V, since it may damage the integrated protective fuses.

Note that building long measuring lines requires controlling modules’ power supply in the points of their connection to the measuring line. Power supply voltage can be measured with a multimeter between the “orange” and “white-orange” contacts (for modules in plastic case) or “1” and “4” (for industrial version of modules)*

* — for the ZET7×12, BC314, ZET7×50, and ZET7×54 modules power supply voltage is measured between contacts “3” and “5”.