Shaker controller (VCS) ZET 017-U

Gunfire vibration test method – gunfire shock

Gunfire shock test method is used for the purpose of research of materiel response to gunfire pressure pulsion in axes corresponding to gunfire pressure direction (both in single and multiple control points).

The purpose of gunfire vibration test is to provide a degree of confidence that the specimen under test can physically and functionally withstand relative shocks or transient vibration which is encountered in operational environments in the course of gunfire impact.

The method enables control of the following parameters:

  • materiel failure due to friction or interference between parts;
  • changes in material structure or properties;
  • materiel permanent mechanical deformation;
  • accelerated fatigue of materials.

The gunfire shock testing method description can be found in MIL-STD 810 (in particular: MIL-STD 810-G: Test method 519.6 – Gunfire shock)

For testing specimen resistance to random vibration in the course of Gunfire shock testing,  Random Vibration Software program is used (which is integrated into ZETLAB VIBRO Software complex supplied together with Vibration Controller ZET 017-U).

Gunfire shock imitation mode enables setting of signal generation parameters: “Delay, ms” and “Pause, ms”.

Upon activation of Gunfire shock mode equalization mode is enabled automatically. The Software starts Gunfire shock mode and smoothly switches over to the set equalization integral level with defined time intervals.

In the Gunfire shock mode, the noise signal set in accordance with the sample file will be formed as a sequence of pulses at the output channel of the analyzer and then – by the shaker system. The figure below shows the diagram of the signal generated in the Gunfire shock mode.

Shaker controller ZET 017-U - Gunfire shock imitation