Multichannel strain gauge meter

128-канальная тензометрическая система

The Software Multichannel strain gauge meter is used for performing all types of strain gauge measurements using strain gauge sensors (for instance, force and torque sensors, bridge and semi-bridge circuits based on resistive strain sensors), strain measurement data acquisition modules ZET 017-T and digital strain gauge sensors of ZETSENSOR series. The program enables simultaneous processing of up to 128 measuring channels using strain gauge station and up to 500 measuring channels in the case if digital sensors are used.

Depending on Multichannel Strain gauge meter program settings, the measurement results can be represented as force, weight, displacement, torque and other parameters. Integrated strain gauge system generator is used as a power supply source for the sensors (it is possible to select circuit power supply type).

The software Multichannel Strain gauge meter allows to use thermal compensation channel for results viewing without temperature effect.

If it is necessary to simultaneously receive data from all the measuring channels at once, one can use the option “Measuring devices synchronization“.


Strain gauge measurements: settings

Measuring channels settings can be determined for all the channels simultaneously or individually for each of the channels. When “Select all” option is activated, the settings will be identical for all the channels.

Program settings allow to choose: measuring value, measurement type (absolute or relative values representation), sensors power supply options (AC/DC), sensitivity and measuring limit of strain gauge sensor, smoothing (time period for measured values averaging), measurements mode (resistive strain gauge or a strain gauge depending on the connected primary transducer type).

“Resistive strain gauge” measuring mode enables use of thermal compensation: in the field “Enable thermal compensation channel” one can assign resistive strain gauge to which temperature effect will be applied.

For user convenience the software has an option of setting amplification ratio for the measuring channel: one can set the value 1,10, 100 or 1000 in the field “Measuring channel amplification ratio”. Amplification ratio increase is accompanied by decline in measurements range and growth of measuring resolution.

If it is necessary to view measurement readings in opposite values, one can use the function “Results inversion“.

Настройка тензоизмерений. Многоканальный тензометр

The field “Previously selected sensor parameters” allows to choose particular channel and to use its parameters for all or any particular selected channels by using the key “Copy parameters“.


Signals recorder

The tab “Signals recorder” is used for graphical representation of the measured values throughout the period of measurements (or from the previous diagram reset).

Available functions:

  • sampling rate, s;
  • suspend diagram representation;
  • reset diagram;
  • save diagram.
Просмотр сигналов программы "Многоканальный тензометр" при помощи Осциллографа

Supported hardware

Input data for Multichannel strain gauge meter are represented by digital data from ZETLAB server, which is an output signal of resistive strain gauge sensors, force and stress-strain sensors, bridge circuits. For the purpose  of analog signals digital processing one can use ZET 017-T8 strain gauge station.

The program Multichannel strain gauge meter is included into ZETLAB TENZO software package supplied together with strain gauge stations.


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