Process Management In Test Chambers

ZET 017-T8 measuring and control modules are used for managing the processes in test chambers. The test systems can be also built on ZETSENSOR digital sensors and controllers. There are different types of tests, which mainly include the following impacts:

  • cold;
  • heat;
  • humidity;
  • vacuum;
  • salt mist;
  • thermal shock.

The modern test chambers allow to perform mechanical tests along with the climatic testing, e.g for checking the vibration impact. All types of tests are managed using our manufactured hardware and software.

The multi-channel monitoring of all the relevant processes can be performed along the test process management, as our versatile equipment allows for connection of various primary transducers.

You may wonder what to choose for a measuring and control device: ZET 017-T8 strain gauge module or ZETSENSOR module-based system? The answer lies in your testing needs.

Using ZET 017-T8 Strain Gauge Module

The tests are managed via PC automatically. Eight measuring channels allow to connect eight sensors, and the built-in generator powers the sensors. The climatic chamber is managed using a digital port of the strain gauge module, the test parameters are specified in the Regulator program of ZETLAB TENSO software package. ZET 017-T8 measuring module is included to the State Register of Measuring Instruments.

Climatic Testing Management System Based On ZETSENSOR

If there is a lot of parameters, it is reasonable to use digital sensors and control modules of ZETSENSOR solution. Each parameter is assigned a pair sensor + measuring module, and the system also includes controllers and modules for connection to the PC. Digital sensors are also included to the State Register of Measuring Instruments.