Hardware versions

of the Kit for seismic research performance

Kit for seismic research performance can be used in various application spheres, however, its major application is seismic research and seismic security systems.

Seismic research methods imply the possibility of several streamer positionings at the controlled profile (since each positioning covers certain section of the researched area). In order to accelerate the process of streamer relocation, the seismic streamer wires normally have bright color.

Wires and sensors used within the scope of FID normally have to be concealed (as well as sensor’s connections and contacts). Thus, the digital seismic system has a number of advantages:

  • installation of the geophones into the ground makes them almost invisible for the potential intruder;
  • the digital seismic streamer is crucial for the facilities where installation of fences and barriers is impossible due to aesthetic reasons (i.e. museums, listed buildings, historical monuments, etc.);
  • possibility of geophones’ concealed installation enables effective protection of the whole system from intentional damage.

Depending on the application environment, there are two color options of ZETLAB digital seismic streamer:

  • orange – for precise positioning of cable location in the course of geological research;
  • black – for the purpose of concealing the cables used within the scope of security systems.