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    New ZETLAB software update (release) of July 31, 2017.
    This update includes a variety of new functions and improvements, thus enabling better interaction of software and hardware componets of ZETLAB products:
    Cross-correlation analysis – new functions
    New version of “Cross-correlation analysis” enables calculation of mutual correlation and likelihood fucntions as well as normalized and differential correlation functions. This allows to detect the useful signal among strong narrow-band interference.
    2D-correlogramma allows to display additional graphs: cross-section of correlogramma by time and delay. New multi-channel option: the program can simultaneously calculate several correlators.
    Programs for seismic research performance
    Another step in data acquisition technique – new approach to processing of the data obtained by means of kit for seismic research performance.
    New ZETLAB programs enable both on-line and post-processing of the seismic research data. In online mode the data processing is performed by means of Seismograph program in external synchronization mode with parallel recording of historical data.
    Instruments for viewing historical events allow to select necessary data for further processing and to save them to SegY file.
    ZETLAB Software: intrinsic noise measurements
    Now ZETLAB software allows to evaluate intrinsic noise level by means of a method based on registering one and the same process by two sensors with similar characteristics.
    For the purpose of more comfortable intrinsic noise evaluation there have been implemented display of additional spectra of microseisms minimal and maximal level in accordance with Peterson model.
    Trends for high-frequency devices
    Not it is much easier to work with devices for off-line recording! As a device with flash memory card is connected to PC, the program automatically offers you to start conversion of the off-line recorder’s files for their further processing. As the conversion process is complete, the user can start View Trends program for post-processing of the data.
    Additional functions of strain gauge meter and multi-channel strain-gauge meter.
    Now Strain Gauge Meter program window has additional parameters for more precise strain gauge measurements taking into consideration all possible aspects relating to strain gauge sensors and systems.
    In addition to that we have developed a project “Multi-channel strain-gauge meter”. The program allows to control up to 128 channels simultaneously. It is possible to perform absolute and relative measurements and to use AC or DC power supply.
    New version of drivers
    New ZETLAB drivers have digital signature based on SHA256 algorithm. Support of this algorithm depends on OS Windows version:
    Windows XP, Vista — not supported;
    Windows 7 — supported in the case if corresponding updates have been installed;
    Windows 8, 8.1, 10 — fully supported.

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