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    Setup Release dt 17.02.2017 includes the following changes and improvements:
    1) Software for conversion of the data retrieved from ZET 7173 and ZET 048 off-line recorders.
    2) Data logging and display system.
    3) Demo-view of trends and events, multi-user access to the trends data.
    4) Improved software “Super-resolution spectrum”.
    5) Warning and errors notification system.
    6) Metrological self-check system for the sensors of ZET7xxx series.
    7) Software for natural oscillations period and logarithmic decrement calculation.
    8) Possibility of RS-485 third-party sensors connection via Modbus protocol.
    9) Additional options implemented in the “Tension meter” program.
    10) Multi-channel measurements system. It is rather often that ZETLAB products users have to perform measurements by several channels simultaneously. For instance, to control DC voltmeter readings from several sensors at once. In addition to readings monitoring of each of the sensors, the user might also need to save the data obtained to a separate file for the purpose of further data processing. For user’s convenience we have developed a task-oriented program “Multi-channel measurements system”, which allows to solve all the above mentioned tasks.

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