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    1. The programs used for graphs representation (“Multi-channel oscilloscope”, “Narrowband spectrum”, “Results view”, etc.) now have a common color scheme.

    2.Improvements in the program “Multi-channel oscilloscope”.

    3.Improvements in the program “ZetView”.

    4. The program «Results View» now allows to save the statistical data.

    5. New functions in the program «Cross-correlation analysis»:
    a. new types of the results (along with update of the corresponding SCADA-component):
    — correlation ratio;
    — noise suppression by channel 2;
    — noise suppression;
    b. two types of averagings — linear and exponential;
    c. optional use of time window during calculations;
    d. possibility of choosing the length of the filter during discrete components removal from the results obtained.

    6. New functions of the «Narrowband spectrum» program:
    — multi-channel mode of operation — the parameters window has a group of elements allowing to assign the number of channels to be used for spectra calculation and the currently displayed channel;
    — function of results synchronization for additional graphs of 4 types (by values and by synchronization channel signal amplitude);
    — it is now possible to evaluate resonance parameters upon completion of additional graphs calculation;
    — new loop mode for additional graphs calculation.

    7. SCADA-component «Ping» now allows to ping several IP-addresses simultaneously.

    8.TEDS technology (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) is now available in the device manager. Upon activation of the key «Use TEDS» the program displays parameters configuration saved in the transducer.

    9.Improvements in the program «Signals gallery».

    10.Improvements in the «Histogram» program.

    11.Improvements in the program «Signal generator». Now it is possible to set kurtosis for white and bandpass noise.

    12. The program «ZETServer time» displays the current time of server channels and allows to control the time of ADC channels (including the network channels). The program controls the current time of these channels at regular time intervals and compares it with the results of the previous check. In the case is the new value did not increase, then in the error log there appears the following notification: «Channel (name of the channel) time stop». the check interval is approximately 60 seconds. The check is applicable only to working channels, except for disabled channels and channels of the disabled devices, etc. Time of virtual channels is not controlled as well. In addition to that, the program also generates a broadband message informing the user of ADC channel time suspension. Currently, this message is received only by the program ExeStarter.exe. If the message is received, the program closes all active programs and stops its operation as well (in this case, the program saves the message «Command CommonEvent_StopTimeSRV» to its log).

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