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    I have the following problem:
    I am using ZET 7110 digital sensor and ZET 7174 interface converter (CAN 2.0 protocol). I want to change the exchange speed between these two instruments. As I change the exchange speed parameter value in the tab «CAN» of the interface converter and save the changes, the sensor’s speed value still remains the same (even though the User Manual says that it should change automatically). «Update» option of the sensor doesn’t change the mentioned value either.
    Please, tell me how should I change the exchange speed parameter value.
    Best regards,

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    Hello, Christopher!
    We recommend you to reset the power supply of the interface converter after having changed the corresponding settings.
    If after that the problem still remains, it is probably due to outdated version of your firmware. In this case we recommend the following solution: please, study the video-lesson «Connection and settings of ZETSENSOR series products» (https://zetlab.com/videoyrok-zetsensor/).
    This video describes connection and setting process of the digital sensors (by the example of RS-485 line). Your particular question is explained at 4 min 40 sec of the video,
    We hope it will help you!



    Thank you for your prompt response!
    I will try to follow the instructions provided.

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