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Training courses

We invite you  for a free training course “Elevator control system” on December 12, 2012 at the office of ZETLAB Company. In order to participate, please, send your application to zetlab@zetlab.com, subject “Application for Elevator control system training course”, specify your name and passport information.

Prompt delivery of  TV51110-AC vibration system for modal analysis performance!

Delivery of the shaker for modal analysis of TV51110-AC in the shortest possible time!
Analysis and measurement of vibration for the purpose of determining the transmission of vibration are increasingly being carried out in all areas of industry, including aviation and automotive. To conduct such studies, many different sensors are needed. After a certain time interval, the accuracy of these sensors must be checked, and the sensors calibrated.
TV 51110-AC is a vibration generator that meets these requirements. This generator is equipped with a special guide system and vibration system, made of ceramic material. Its distinctive feature is the possibility of using at a very high frequency (the upper limit of the operating range is 25 kHz), so in combination with the ZET017-U shaker control system it is ideal for professional calibration.



ZET 017 has been included into a special clause of the State register of measuring instruments

FFT Spectrum Analyzers of ZET 017 series have been registered in a special clause of the Federal Informational Fund on Assurance of Measurements Uniformity (№2508).

Software updates

Instead of the programs “Withdrawal of frequency response” and “Withdrawal of PFCs” Scada projects will function in ZETLAB software. Now you can measure:

Frequency response with a logarithmic sweep of a DC or AC voltmeter in the programs “Withdrawn frequency response log (AC)”, “Withdrawn frequency response log (DC)”, “Withdrawn frequency response log (AC / DC)”;
Frequency response with a linear scan with a DC or AC voltmeter in the programs “Withdrawal of the frequency response curve (AC)”, “Withdrawal of the frequency response curve (DC)”;
Frequency response with logarithmic scanning by a selective voltmeter in the program “Withdrawal of the frequency response of the log (Selective)”;
FCH with linear or logarithmic scanning in the programs “Withdrawal of PFC log.”, “Withdrawal of PFC Lin.”;
as well as the dependence of the coefficient of nonlinear distortions on frequency in the program “Withdrawal of SOI log.”

Prompt feedback to your enquiries!

In order to improve work of our E-mail service, you can use read notification for your message. Should there be no answer for your message within an hour, contact our managers via dialog window in the right bottom section of the page!



Participation in the 13-th international special exhibition

On October 24-26, 2012 our Company will take part in 13-th International Exhibition “AUTOMATION 2012” of manufacturing, energy and transport automation. Exhibition address: St. Petersburg, SSC, booth #7.3.

Выставка aero 2006

Participation in 9-th International Exhibition

On October 2-4, 2012, our Company took part in 9-th international exhibition “Testing and Control”. “Aerospace Testing Russia” is a specialized exhibition of testing products for various branches of industry, including aerospace industry. The exhibition was held at “Expocentr” (Krasnaya Presnya Fairgrounds, bld.14).



New ZETVIEW interface – as the display scale is changed, components details are adjusted accordingly. In the case if there is established a link between the components, the amount of available operations will be reduced.

More details


A new clause of our web-site: “Video-lessons ZETLAB”. There you can find lessons regarding the use of ZETLAB hardware and software. Currently you can find information of SCADA ZETVIEW new interface, verification of seismic transducers, broad band random vibration testing and many other issues!

Mobile version of our website 

For convenience of our customers we have developed a mobile version of ZETLAB web-site. Here you can find description and technical specifications of measuring instruments and sensors, our Company’s location and how to reach us as well as a lot of other information represented in a format developed for mobile view.



Training courses

October 9-11, 2012: ZETLAB training course. Main topics: primary transducers, ADC DAC boards, FFT Spectrum Analyzers, virtual tools, SCADA ZETVIEW. You can find more information of training courses program in the clause General training courses. In order to participate, send us an application by E-mail: info@zetlab.ru.



Our Company will take place in 19-th specialized exhibition

September 5-7, 2012: our Company takes place in 19-th specialized exhibition “Oil, gas. Petrochemistry 2012”. Exhibition address: Orenburgskiy trakt, 8, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, 420059. Location of our booth: Hall 5, Stand 7.


Software updates

New program “Spectrum with super resolution” enables time and frequency analysis by means of Fourier and Wigner -Weyl transform.

Certification of products

Certificate of conformity (explosion-proof mark) for the following products: piezo-electric seismic sensors ВС 1311, ВС 1311-V, ВС 1311-S, ВС 1313, ВС 1313-V, ВС 1311-S; dynamic pressure sensors (hydrophones) ВС 312, ВС 313, ВС 313Р, ВС 314 and ВС 314Р.



Software updates

ZETLab programs are constantly being improved and supplemented, which ensures a high level of product quality and user-friendliness. New programs implement the latest algorithms for signal processing. Service programs support the latest developments in the area of data transfer and device synchronization.
So, in the latest version of ZETLab, updates primarily affected the hardware setup: the service programs for setting up ADC and DAC, measuring channels, digital port, IP address and Ethernet connection, synchronizing devices among themselves and the sensor database were combined into one – Device Manager ZET.
Also ZETLab users are waiting for the updated interface of such programs as Synchronous Generator, Formula, Signal Filtering, Switchboard Management, Device Synchronization (with GPS synchronization function). In programs Synchronous generator and Filtering signals, you can view the waveform directly in the program window. In addition, corrective filters are implemented in the Signal Filtering program.


ZETView® trademark has been introduced into the State register of trademarks (№461388).

State Register of Measuring Instruments

Capacitive accelerometers  ВС 201, ВС 202 have been introduced into the State Register of Measuring Instruments (№49619-12).



Training courses

May 29-31, 2012: training courses regarding operation of ZETLAB VCS vibration controller. Program of training courses, general information.


Participation in 20-th International specialized exhibition

May 22-25,  2012: our Company took part in 20-th International Specialized Exhibition “Gas. Oil. Technologies – 2012”. Exhibition address: Ufa, Russia, 114 Lenin Street, Ufa-Arena. Booth #82.




By popular request of our Custormers, we have developed demo-version of SCADA-system ZETVIEW. The demo-version provides access to all components of SCADA-system ZETVIEW, which allows to evaluate functions of the program. Now you can make sure that it is easy to establish automated applications for measurements and control purposes!

On the SCADA system ZETVIEW page you can find a link to ZETVIEW SCADA-system demo-version.

New Software

New features of ZETLAB VCS – FB Generator (vibrational shock), allowing to perform vibrational shock testing (shock and bump) in accordance with applicable requirements.



Participation in 4-th specialized exhibition

April 17-19, 2012: our Company will take part in 4-th specialized exhibition of testing and control products “Expo Control 2012”. This is a specialized exhibition dedicated to main stages of any industrial technological process: control, measurements and testing. Exhibition address: Moscow, Expocentre, 5th Pavilion (Halls 1 and 2), our Booth #A112.



Tests of ZET 452

Beginning of ZET 452 electrical circuits control device tests with a view to issuing a formal Pattern Approval Certificate. Electrical circuits control module ZET 452 is used for automated resistance measurements during commissioning and periodical testing.


New articles of ZETLAB Company employees are contributed to scientific magazines. Magazine “Sensors and systems” (#2, 2012) – Article “Specific features of seismic receivers calibration”.

Выставка NDT


Participation in 11-th International Exhibition and Conference NDT Russia. Meratek – 2012

February 28 – March 01, 2012: our Company will participate in 11-th International Exhibition and Conference NDT Russia. Meratek 2012, “Non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics of various industries”. Exhibition address: Moscow, Olympic Stadium, our Company Booth#B08.


USB 3.0 interface

ZETLAB Company products can be connected to PC via USB 3.0 bus (in the case if bus controller is compatible with USB 2.0 interface, e.g. NEC controller).

ZETLAB trademark

Trademarks ZET® and ZETLab® have been introduced into the national register of trademarks (№450019 and №447041 correspondingly).