VCS – connection via Ethernet


Is it possible to connect the VCS via Ethernet?


Most of our products have a hardware option of connection to a PC via Ethernet – ZET 017 system has this option as well. In order to make such connection the VCS should have a software option of Ethernet connection. This option is enabled upon order placement, so you should specify that you need this option.

First of all it is necessary to set the VCS network address and subnet mask. In order to do this, connect the VCS via USB, open program “Device manager”. VCS poroperties should have”Ethernet” tab (in the case if the corresponding option has previously been enabled) – in this tab you should set the address and subnet mask.

As the settings are saved, switch off the VCS, disconnect it from the PC, connect Ethernet cable and switch it on. The PC is unable to automatically find the analyzer – it has to be found manually. Start the program “Device connection via Ethernet” from the “Network programs” tab, set the number of the devices connected and the network address, click “Check” and “Enable”. When the indicator is green and there appears the name of the device, you can close the Software “Connection via Ethernet” and start device operation.