ZET 302 Oscilloscope

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  • Transmission band up to  20 mHz
  • Number of output channels: 2
  • Effective frequency up to 500 mSample/s

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of the ZET 302 USB Oscilloscopes

Analog Input
Number of input channels 2
Conversion frequency up to 50 MHz
Sampling rate up to 500 Msample/sec
Bandwidth 0 ~ 20 MHz
ENOB (ADC effective number of bits) 8
Dynamic range 84 dB
Maximum input voltage ±50 V
Input resistance 1 MOhm
Input protection at power on ±200 V
Inter-channel interference* -50 dB
Input capacity 20 pF
Input communication DC, AC
Supported sample attenuation factors 1X, 10X
Data Recording
Data recording modes sampling, peak detection, averaging
Number of averaging operations in the averaging mode 4, 8, 16, 32, 64
Signal interpolation linear, sin(x)/x
Volt/point 2 mV/point ~ 5 mV/point
10 ns/point ~ 50 sec/point
Types of synchronization by trending up front, by trending down front
Synchronization source channel 1, channel 2
Synchronization modes** automatic, regular
Synchronization delay up to a half of the interval displayed
Performance Specifications
Dimensions 115х180х35 mm
Weight 0.4 kg
Consumed power 5 W
Power supply +5 V

* Measured at equal values of volt/point and communication at inputs.
** Data retrieval is performed in the regular mode only when synchronization conditions are met.


of the ZET 302 USB Oscilloscopes


Savings for new discoveries


Occupies minimum space at the work place


Comprehensible user interface of the control panel


of the ZET 302 USB Oscilloscopes

ZET 302 USB oscilloscope. 360° view 

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ZET 302 USB oscilloscope. Appearance

Digital  USB oscilloscope ZET 302 is intended for observing high-frequency signals within the range up to 20 MHz. The use of 50 MHz analogous-digital converter and equivalent sampling mode increases the effective frequency up to 50 Msample/sec.

The operation is performed using the special software environment, ZETSCOPE, which simulates work with a desktop oscilloscope. Signals mathematical processing allows to observe the signal spectrum and assess signal parameters: average value, root-mean square value, peak value, peak-to-peak, signal frequency, period duration. Additional vertical and horizontal cursors facilitate the task of signal individual parameters measurement: build-up time, fall time.

Main Functions

of the ZET 302 USB Oscilloscopes


Over 20 parameters of the electric signal

Cursor Measurements

Determining a cursor coordinate value


work results to a file


Performing mathematical operations with signals


Viewing of signal shape and spectrum


Synchronous data retrieval

Flow Diagram

of the ZET 302 USB Oscilloscope

Two independent inputs are connected to controlled amplifiers. Signal passes through the amplifiers to the two-channel AD converter.

The digital signal processor reads the digitized data from the AD converters and stores those in the internal memory for subsequent transmission to the USB controller.

Структурная схема USB осциллографа ZET 302

Operation Principle

of the ZET 302 USB Oscilloscopes

All the functions of the digital USB oscilloscope ZET 302 are controlled in the ZETSCOPE software having  user-friendly interface.

The virtual control panel ensures fast access to the most important and frequently used functions.

Basic Configuration

of the ZET 302 USB Oscilloscopes

Базовая комплектация ZET 302

The ZET 302 USB oscilloscope package includes:

  • portable ZET 302 oscilloscope;
  • HighSpeed USB 2.0 cable;
  • 220 V power adapter;
  • probes to be connected to the oscilloscope;
  • compact disc with ZETSCOPE software;
  • operation documentation package.

From 295 USD

Optional Add-Ons

of ZET 302 USB Oscilloscopes

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