Digital accelerometer ZET 7052-N

  • Integrated triaxial vibration sensor
  • RS-485 data interface
  • Industrial version

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of digital accelerometers ZET 7052-N

Metrological perfomance
Measured value linear acceleration,
vibrational acceleration,
vibration velocity*,
vibration displacement*
Number of axes 3 (X, Y, Z)
Frequency range DC to 400 Hz – linear acceleration
3 – 400 Hz
10 – 400 Hz
Measuring range:
Linear acceleration from -140 up to 140 m/s2
Vibration acceleration in frequency ranges, RMS
from 3 up to 400 Hz (up to 100, if the LPF is on)
from 10 up to400 Hz (up to 100, if the LPF is on)
from 0,1 up to 100 m/s2
from 0,1 up to 100 m/s2
Vibration velocity in frequency ranges, RMS
from 3 up to 400 Hz (up to 100, if the LPF is on)
from 10 up to 400 Hz (up to 100, if the LPF is on)
from 1 up to 1500 mm/s
from 0,5 up to 1500 mm/s
Vibration displacement in frequency ranges, RMS
from 3 up to 400 Hz (up to 100, if the LPF is on)
from 10 up to 400 Hz (up to 100, if the LPF is on)
from 0,05 up to 65 mm
from 0,02 up to 65 mm
Measuring tolerance:
Linear acceleration
vibrational acceleration
vibration velocity
vibration displacement
± 0,5 m/s2
3 %
6 %
10 %
Interaxial sensitivity 1 %
Submitted data average
Technical specifications
Refresh rate 10 Hz
Sensor type integrated accelerometer
Data interface RS-485
Data rate 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bit/s
Parity control 0 – no control; 1 – control (oddity, ODD)
Data communication protocol Modbus RTU
Operational parameters
Device power from 9 up to 24 V
Power consumption 0,5 W
Polarity reversal protection yes
Dimensions 140×56×28 mm
Weight 300 g
Operation temperature range from -40 up to +80 °C
Version Standard (metal casing)
Explosion-proof** (explosion protection 0ExiaIICT6 X)
OEM (compound coating)
Electromagnetic compatibility EMC
MEK 61000-4-2 (IEC 61000-4-2), ESD contact 8 kV; air 15 kV
MEK 61000-4-4 (IEC 61000-4-4), EFT power 4 kV; signal 2 kV
MEK 61000-4-5 (IEC 61000-4-5), Surge 4000 V

* Interrelation of vibration parameters

** The price is calculated on individual basis


of digital accelerometers ZET 7052-N

Digital accelerometer ZET 7052-N is equipped with a compact sensing element and is designed for linear acceleration and vibration acceleration variable constituent measurement via three mutually perpendicular planes.

Small weight of sensing element (1,5 g) considerably reduces self-mass load and compact dimensions (8,5×8,5×8,5 mm) enable use of the digital accelerometer  ZET 7052-N for vibration measurements in systems with small active area.

When installing  ZET 7052-N one should observe direction of measuring axes (shown on the casing of the sensor).

The sensors are mounted on the measured object or inside of the electrical cabinet together with interface modules providing data transfer.

ZETLAB electrical cabinet has compact dimensions if compared with available analogs. Among  ZETSENSOR modules advantages one can mention easy mounting and de-installation as well as power indication and signal transfer, which makes it easy to perform on-site system diagnostics.

Operating principle

of digital accelerometers ZET 7052-N

Digital accelerometer ZET 7052-N is a vibration sensor with an integrated triaxial sensing element converting constant component of vibrational acceleration into digital code in three mutually perpendicular planes  X, Y and Z.

Vibration velocity and vibration displacement values are calculated by integrated processor. Calculation of average value is performed as an average for linear acceleration and as RMS for all the rest parameters.

Direction of measuring axes for digital sensors ZET 7X52

Direction of measuring axes for digital sensors ZET 7X52

The structural scheme of data processing of digital sensors ZET 7052

Structural-scheme-of-data-transmission-RS 485

Explosion-hazard areas – application requirements

for digital accelerometers ZET 7052-N

When using digital sensors in explosion-hazard areas one should observe applicable national requirements.

It is allowed to place digital sensors in explosion-hazard areas only in the case if this sensor is made for application in explosion-hazard areas and has corresponding mark on the casing – 0ExiaIICT6 X.

In order to provide connection via data channels and power supply lines, the digital sensors should be connected to the interface converters via intrinsic-safe barriers placed in explosion-hazard areas. Typical connection scheme of digital sensors placed in the explosion-hazard areas is shown in the figure below. Recommended intrinsic-safe barriers types are shown in the corresponding chart.

Measuring network scheme

based on digital accelerometers ZET 7052-N

Digital accelerometers ZET 7052-N have two 4-contact connectors for connecting to the measuring network (the delivery scope includes mating couple).

Digital Sensor Connectors
Contact number Designation
1 +(9…24) V
2 RS-485 line «B» or «DATA-»
3 RS-485 line «A» or «DATA+»

Using  ZETSENSOR one can establish distributed measuring networks, control systems, automated equipment complexes. For connection of the measuring networks to the systems ZETLAB and  ZETVIEW interface converter ZET 7070 is used.

Amount of the digital sensors connected to ZET 7070 module using integrated power supply unit ZET 7070 — is maximum 3, in the case of use of external power supply unit – not more than 60. ZETLAB software supports connection of up to 1024 sensors to a single PC. Measuring networks can also be connected to any type of the system using Modbus protocol via interface RS-485.

The figure below depicts ditributed measuring system using digital accelerometers ZET 7052-N with an integrated measuring unit connected to the ZETLAB system.

Measuring network based on digital accelerometers ZET 7052

Measuring network based on digital accelerometers

Control of digital accelerometers ZET 7052-N

Digital sensors are ready for operation – all necessary setting are stored in the sensor memory. In the case if it is necessary to configure settings (for instance, due to the change of the primary transducer), one should connect the sensor to the PC using interface converter, start ZETLAB software and Device manager. The settings can  be configured in the tab “Sensor”.

Control window 7152N

Configuring ZET 7052-N

Parameter Possibility of configuration Acceptable values Description
Sensor type No 230,…,… Information of the primary transducer type
Conversion frequency, Hz No 800 Data frequency characteristics in the case if “Output value” is set as “Instant”. For value “Average” data frequency is 10 Hz
Calibration change-X,
Calibration change-Y,
Calibration change-Z
Yes Not limited Calibration factor applied to source data prior to filtering
Initial displacement-X,
Initial displacement -Y,
Initial displacement -Z
Yes Not limited Calibration factor applied to source data prior to filtering
Band, Hz Yes 3..400 10..400 Adjustment of measured frequency range. For operation in low frequencies one should choose value «3‑400». If the measurements are performed with frequency 10 Hz and more, one should choose the value «10-400»
Value yes Linear acceleration A (g)
Vibrational acceleration A (g)
Vibration velocityV (mm/s)
Vibration displacement. S (mm)
Selection of the output value parameter
Output value Yes Instant
Selection of signal processing type
Measuring interval, s Yes 0.1, 1, 10 Time of value calculation in the case if “Output value” is set as “Instant”.


user manual for operation of the digital transducers

Basic configuration

of digital accelerometer ZET 7052-N

ZET 7052 Digital three-component accelerometer

Basic configuration of the sensor includes:

  • Digital accelerometer ZET 7052-N;
  • plug for the cable FQ14-4TJ-7 (2 pcs.);
  • spring connection pipe 7 mm (2 pcs.);
  • set of operational documentation.

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* Minimum order value: from 7 700 USD

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Necessary measuring equipment

supplied upon special order

Interface converter ZET 7076 Ethernet Wi-Fi RS-485
ZET 7076 interface converter
Ethernet connection