Shaker system choice depending on the load


Please tell me what type of shaker system should I choose.

We are goin to perform tests of the equipment with the weight varying from 100 g up to 20 kg (however, 90% of the tested objects will have the weight below 1 kg). Is it better for us to buy a less expensive shaker system and use side mounting of the tested object? If the equipment configuration will result in high cost we are ready to limit the maximum tested object weight by 3 kg.


Shaker systems allowing the tested object weight of 20 kg have force over 20 kN and total weight over 1,5 tons, besides, such systems are expensive (for instance, TIRA TV59320/340).

If the tested object maximum weight is about 3 kg, one can use shaker system with the force of 2 kN (for instance, TIRA TV50303-120).

Maximum shaker system load weight is limited by: shaker system parameters, rack system, amplifier used for aligning shaker, shaker system weight.

In the case of vertical load in accordance with Newton’s third law the shaker impact to the floor is the same as the shaker impact on the tested object. Larger shaker system have smaller impact on the floor.

Horizontal tests allow to eliminate tested object weight limitation if the tested object weight is resting on another structure – a slip table or a suspending structure. Limitations of force and acceleration will still be valid.