Safe tests perfomance


We need to test a complex and expensive device – could you please give us recommedations on safe tests perfomance?


If by safety you mean strict observation of the specified test vibration level, then you should introduce corresponding settings of the VCS .

The easiest way to do that is to decrease shaker system parameters amount in the settings (displacement, acceleration and velocity). In this case the tests perfomance will be stopped should the set values be exceeded.

A more complex way is to change the profile settings. To change the profile settings one should measure the tested object FR value. The FR value is used to decrease sweep rate for sinusoidal vibration tests or to introduce additional point for random vibration testing in the resonance area or FR swing section.

The best option is to control tests perfomance using several sensors. For feedback communication choose the control option via the maximum value. In this case there will be no overloads. The more sensors are used, the higher will be the tests perfomance safety.