Pressure Sensors On Resistive Strain Sensors

Pressure sensor is designed for measuring various pressure parameters. Pressure is one of the key thermotechnical values and an important process parameter.

Pressure sensors are designed to be integrated into systems for measurement, control, adjustment, and management of processes, and are used to ensure continuous conversion of excess pressure, absolute pressure, and differential pressure values. If adjusted accordingly, the sensors also ensure conversion of negative pressure and excess expansion pressure of liquid and gaseous media into a uniform DC signal and frequency output signal.

The pressure sensors are always popular and widely used. Pressure recording principle provides the basis for many other types of sensors, such as weighing cells, position sensors, fluid level and flow sensors, etc. In vast majority of cases, the pressure is indicated against deformation of elastic bodies, such as diaphragm, geogrid, corrugated membrane. Such sensors have adequate durability, low cost, but struggle to receive electrical signals.

Currently, the strain gauges are increasingly applied as pressure sensors. The diffusion semiconductor strain gauges seem particularly promising. The diffusion strain gauges on silicon wafer are highly sensitive, compact, and easy to integrate with peripheral circuits. The diffusion semiconductor pressure sensors are widely used in automotive electronics and all kinds of compressors.

Датчик давления на тензорезисторах. Схема
Diagram of  pressure sensors on resistive strain sensors