Oscillations peak-to-peak amplitude value


In accordance with the test performance requirements, it is necessary to maintain oscillation peak-to-peak value within a certain range. Can this parameter be calculated and maintained by the shaker controller? At the screenshots available on your website I have seen three similar parameters: RMS, amplitude and peak value. Does the crest factor value parameter stand for the above-mentioned peak-to-peak value?


Yes, the Software application “Sinusoidal vibration” allows to control oscillations displacement constant amplitude (it is important to specify the particular parameter to be controlled since in the course of tests performance oscillations have acceleration, speed, and displacement values).

“RMS” and “Amplitude” are methods for the control parameter measurement. All types of vibration tests have the control of acceleration value function. In order to avoid confusion in terminology, the measurement methods are referred to as “Effective” and “Circumflexing”.