News of ZETLAB Company


Seismic impact control system: approval of Federal Environmental and Nuclear Supervision Service

We have received an approval from Federal Environmental and Nuclear Supervision Service for the use of seismic impact control system at hazardous facilities.


We have developed SCADA-system ZETView 2.0

New version has an improved interface and possibility of setting  ZETView 2.0. program window parameters.

Products certification 

Тестер для измерения электрических характеристик кабелей и проверки качества монтажа электрических цепей Horizon HV II внесен в Государственный реестр средств измерений под №45255-10.

Testing module for the control of electrical cables characteristics and mounting quality Horizon HV II has been included into the State Register of Measuring products (№45255-10).

Выставка aero 2006


Participation in exhibition 

On Oct 6-8 we took part in international exhibition of testing products, system and technologies of aerospace industry “Aerospace testing”. In addition to FFT Spectrum Analyzers, strain gauge stations, ADC DAC boards and various sensors we have displayed our new developments: single-channel boards ADC ZET 710, accelerometers ВС 110 and ВС 111.

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New sensor by ZETLAB Company

We have started manufacturing of ВС 111 accelerometer. Sensitivity:10 mV/g. Frequency range: 0,5 Hz- 15 kHz.

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New features of ZETLAB software

New virtual tools available in ZETLab Software: Torsiograph, Multichannel generator, Synchronization by GPS.


New catalogue

We have issued new catalogue of our products.


New sensor

We have started manufacturing of new accelerometer ВС 110. Sensitivity: 100 mV/g. Frequency range 0,5 Hz- 12 kHz.

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New features of ZETView

From now on it is possible to use high-precision instruments (multimeters, generators, power supply modules) in ZETView environment. Thus, you will be able to control these instruments on a software level as well as easily create feedback communication systems.

Выставка газ, нефть и технологии 2008


Participation in international exhibition

On May 26-29 2009 we have taken part in XVII  International specialized exhibition “Gas. Oil. Technologies – 2009”.

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Now you can buy both ADC DAC module ZET 210 and oscillograph ZET 302 in CHIP & DIP store.


New features of ZET 302

Bluetooth interface is now implemented in oscillograph ZET 302.

ADC DAC modules, FFT Spectrum Analyzers and strain gauge stations now support flash-cards up to 16 Gb and have increased data record speed – from 50 kbps up to 800 kbps.

Участие в выставке ПТА урал 2006


Participation in international exhibition

March 18-20, 2009: our Company took part in International specialized exhibition “PTA – Siberia 2009” in Krasnoyask. The exhibition is dedicated to industrial automation and integrated systems. Photos of the event are available by the link below.

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Software: new beta-version available

Beta-version of ZETLab Studio Wizard – application development wizard based on signal processing module and ZETLAB measurements automation.

New features of ADC DAC modules.

ADC DAC module ZET 220: synchronization by GPS in off-line operation mode.



1-st of December, 2009: FFT Spectrum analyzer ZET 017 included into the State Register of Measuring Instruments. Extended frequency range: up to 20 kHz.


New software developments

We have developed task-specific software for operation of measuring instruments.

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