Digital Modules Compatibility

What are the limitations regarding digital modules compatibility within the measuring line?

The type of interface (RS-485 or CAN) which will be used on a measuring line depends on the type of interface converter to be installed at beginning of the measuring line. The models of ZET 7070 and ZET 7076 interface converters are used for the RS-485 interface and the models ZET 7174 and ZET 7176 – for the CAN interface correspondingly.

The types of digital modules interfaces installed on a measuring line must always match to type of the interface converter which forms this measuring line. Installation of digital modules with different types of interfaces into one and the same measuring line is not allowed.

Note that installing two interface converters on a single measuring line is not allowed except for the cases when the cable line end with CAN interface has the interface converter of ZET 7172M model which is intended for making a radio channel with galvanically isolated segment starting from the ZET 7172S module for extension of the measuring line.