Cable Connection

How is the cable connection implemented during cable line construction?

During the measuring network construction based on ZETSENSOR laboratory modules, ZETLAB tee-connectors or feed-through terminals mounted on DIN rail are used for cable connection. The tee-connectors are equipped with built-in terminal resistances, therefore when using them for terminal resistance at the measuring line end, it is enough to install a jumper on the tee-connector at its end.

Соединение кабелей Соединение кабелей

The industrial ZETSENSOR modules are equipped with two FQ14-4ZK jacks used for direct connection to them of cables forming a measuring line, while the cable ends connected to digital modules must be equipped with FQ14-4TJ jacks.

During construction of long-distance cable lines (more than 100 m), for cable connection it is recommended to use feed-through terminals mounted on a DIN rail, it will provide the possibility to conduct diagnostics of cable line mounting quality before connecting measuring modules to it. Remember that branch length for connecting modules must be as short as possible.