New distribution kits within the framework of ZETLab setup

New distribution packages ZETLab, ZETView, ZETScope of March 24, 2017 are now availble for downloading from our FTP server. Setup beta  ZETCableTest is now included into setup ZETLab and integrated into ZETPanel…

More details

ZETLAB Software: exclusive rights

ZETLAB Software is included into the unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and data bases: registration number 3089, Order #103 dt March 9, 2017.

Integration with ZETLAB Software

Integration of metrological system manufactured by JSC STC “HYDROMET” with ZETLAB Software via Modbus RTU protocol


Software update

ZETLAB Software update of February 20, 2017 (ZETLab, ZETView, ZETScope, ZETModbusOPC) – release setup


Software update

ZETLAB software update of  January 20, 2017 (ZETLab, ZETView, ZETScope, ZETModbusOPC) – beta setup