ZETLAB Company news


New Certificates

Certificate CU CU TR 012-2011 “Customs Union technical regulations. On the safety of equipment operating in explosive atmospheres.”, Certificate of conformity to inustrial safety requirements for oil products Leak Detection System (LDS).


State register of measuring instruments

Amplifiers ZET 440 have been included into the State register of measuring instruments (№58918-14).

Выставка aero 2006

Participation in the 11-th International Exhibition of testing equipment 

October 28-30, International Exhibition Center Crocus Expo, Moscow, International Exhibition AEROSPACE TESTING



Accreditation of metrological department: assurance of measurement uniformity for works performance and measuring equipment verification.


New Certificate obtained 

Certification of Conformity for the Software “Seismic impact control system” in accordance with IEC 60721-2-6, IEC 12119-2000, ISO 9127-94.

ZET 7176 Преобразователь интерфейса. Сторона подключения к измерительной сети


Development of new products

Development and production start-up of interface converters ZET 7176 and ZET 7076

международный салон комплексная безопасноть


All-Russian Exhibition Center: International Exhibition

“The International exhibition integrated safety & security exhibition – 2014”, May 20-23, 2014 Moscow (All-Russian Exhibition Center, Pavilion 75).

Выставка Экспоконтроль 2011


Participation in 6-th specialized exhibition

Expo Control – 2014 – 6th Specialized Exhibition of Instruments and Devices for Control, Tests and Measurings, April 23-25, Central Exhibition Complex “Expocentre”.

Высоковольтный усилитель сигналов ZET 420


Development of new products 

Development and production start-up of charge amplifiers ZET 420, ZET 430 and ZET 440


Development of new products

Development and production start-up of new products from ZETSENSOR series: digital sensors ZET 7140-E with BC601, ZET 7140-S with BC701, ZET 7170-R, generators ZET 7191 and ZET 7190


Seismic stations: measurements procedure 

Measurements procedure of Seismic Impact Control System ZET 048 is registered in Federal Information Fund.